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Vineyard Roots

The Vine Church Midtown is a member of The Association of Vineyard Churches consisting of over 2000 churches worldwide. The Vineyard movement consists of Bible based churches that focus on the teachings of Jesus on the Kingdom of God.

We pursue God’s Kingdom breaking into our present reality, here and now, while recognizing its fullness – all things new – is yet to come.

 In worship, it is always our goal to enter the Presence of God and soak in His Glory.

As a church we strive to be a safe space where vulnerability is honored, inclusivity is apparent, and God's grace is shown to all. 

After planting the Vineyard Church Sacramento in 1995, Johnny and Jeannie Zapara passed the pastoral baton in 2014 to Eric Nicolaysen. After almost 3 years in that role, Eric and his wife Tabitha discerned God’s movement in their lives in a tug towards Des Moines, Iowa.  In August of 2017, Jonathan and Robin Miller were chosen as Co-pastors to lead The Vine Midtown.

We at The Vine Church in Sacramento believe that God affirms Gay Marriage. We believe God’s heart is that our sexuality is expressed in faithful, monogamous relationship regardless of gender.  We painfully admit we are part of a Denomination, the Vineyard USA, that does not affirm gay marriage. As Pastors we are therefore not performing any marriages until we can officiate the weddings of our LGBTQ+ siblings. The Vine Church treats all guests equally, from first-time attenders to council members to Pastors, regardless of sexual or gender identity.

Read or download The Vine's statement, "God Affirms: LGBTQ+ Personhood is Not a Sin in the Bible"

Our Pastors

Jonathan Miller 
Robin Miller 

Lead Co-Pastor

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